VC-Turbo: a driver-focused powertrain

  • Compression ratio adapts according to driving conditions and driver inputs
  • Wide-range, single-scroll turbocharger for instant acceleration
  • Engine able to transform instantaneously, offering maximum efficiency and immediate acceleration

“INFINITI has created an engine that adapts to conditions, and empowers drivers with the engine they want, when they want it. This is the world’s first truly driver-focused powertrain.”  Shinichi Kiga, Chief Powertrain Engineer, Gasoline Engine Project Group

INFINITI seeks to deliver empowering performance in everything the company creates, and the new VC-Turbo engine is no exception. Variable compression ratio technology provides drivers with an engine that makes an intelligent choice between performance and efficiency.

The engine moves seamlessly between compression ratios, detecting the car’s driving condition and driver inputs, and instantly selecting the most suitable compression ratio.

Under hard acceleration or heavier engine loads – for instance, when overtaking another vehicle or driving up a hill – the engine shifts to a lower compression ratio. This results in higher performance from the engine, offering a compression ratio that can be compared with the highest-performing turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engines to appear in a production vehicle.

At steady highway speeds, under slowing driving conditions, at idle, and at low speeds in stop-start traffic, the engine defaults to a higher compression ratio to maximize efficiency.

A wide-range single-scroll turbocharger provides seamless access to the engine’s power and torque reserves and enables immediate acceleration. Combined with a unique ability to vary its compression ratio according to driver behavior, INFINITI’s 2.0-liter VC-Turbo engine delivers the maximum possible efficiency in all conditions, with exhilarating performance just a throttle-opening away.