The INFINITI QX80 has been a popular choice for buyers in the luxury SUV segment, particularly in North America and the Middle East. The new QX80 will boost INFINITI’s presence in the full-size SUV segment by evoking the spirit of inclusive luxury travel. Customers expect maximum comfort, practicality and style – and the QX80 delivers.
- Christian Meunier, INFINITI Global Division Vice President


  • Introduces a modern interpretation of upscale luxury
  • Strengthens INFINITI’s position in the global full-size SUV segment
  • Built in Kyushu, Japan, and sold markets around the globe, including Russia, the Middle East, Oceania and North America

A distinctive, powerful luxury SUV, enabling all passengers to travel everywhere in luxury.

A flagship model for the brand, the QX80 has established itself as a major contributor to the image of INFINITI in many of its key global markets.

The new model has been created to meet the needs of today’s luxury car buyers, and introduces a more modern interpretation of upscale luxury to the full-size SUV segment. It will appeal to a buyer that wants for nothing: affluent, high-achieving entrepreneurs and business leaders, often with families, who demand space and utility, hand-crafted quality and modern design, and effortless on-road performance. INFINITI customers enjoy using technology and innovations to make their lives more enjoyable and hassle-free.

The new QX80 provides all this for seven or eight passengers, bringing a confident, modern representation of luxury to the market. Combining supreme space and utility with advanced technologies and high sophistication, the changes to the car’s design – inside and out – more closely align the new model with the most recent new INFINITI cars through the application of signature design cues.

Production of the QX80 is underway at INFINITI’s production facility in Kyushu, Japan, and is destined for markets around the globe, including Russia, the Middle East, Oceania and North America.

Strengthening INFINITI’s position in the global full-size SUV segment

The full-size SUV segment is among the fastest-growing globally, with demand increasing annually. Currently accounting for over 50% of all full-size luxury car sales globally, the full-size SUV is expected to take an increasingly large share of the high-end market, and INFINITI’s full-size luxury SUV market share is forecast to rise from 2018 onwards.

The new QX80 therefore arrives at a moment of opportunity for INFINITI, and is designed to further enhance the brand’s profile. The new model will occupy a unique position in its class, boasting a truly modern exterior design, a cabin designed around the concept of inclusivity and engaged relaxation for all occupants, and technologies engineered to maximize safety, comfort and on-board entertainment.