Stepping inside, the cabin changes bring a greater sense of artistry in the treatment of quilted leathers and high-quality, hand-crafted elements, while also offering new technologies. The result is a contemporary, inclusive environment with roots in luxury air travel.
- Alfonso Albaisa, Senior Vice President, Global Design


  • High-quality, handcrafted interior provides a sense of upscale luxury
  • New technologies and refinement measures enhance the driving experience and provide ambience of inclusive luxury for all passengers
  • Cabin more practical than ever, and more closely attuned to customers’ lifestyles

High-quality, handcrafted interior provides a sense of upscale luxury

The cabin of the new QX80 is one of the most luxurious, highest-quality passenger compartment created by INFINITI to date. Finely tailored and crafted by hand, there is an enhanced human artistry throughout the interior.

INFINITI’s designers have created a cabin with a more contemporary execution, both in terms of how it looks and how it feels to the touch. The high-quality tailoring is matched by contrasting colors, new materials for seats and paneling, and more precise attention given to the details.

The cabin is finished in a range of rich, new materials, with seats, door panels and armrests wrapped in perforated and quilted leather. Depending on specification, the backs of each seat are also skinned in quilted leather, harmonizing the effect throughout the cabin, with the upholstery sewn together with contrast double-stitching. INFINITI’s interior designers have turned to the milieu of haute couture for inspiration, using leather piping to create sharper, more angular edges to seats and headrests.

The cabin of the new QX80 can be trimmed in either leather (as standard) or semi-aniline leather with color-contrast piping (optional). For the latest incarnation of INFINITI’s luxury SUV, the new Saddle Brown leather option – rich brown premium semi-aniline leather – is coupled with black contrast stitching and piping. The new model is also offered with Wheat or Graphite upholstery, available in standard leather or premium semi-aniline leather. Wheat semi-aniline leather is finished with dark gray stitching and piping; Graphite models are contrasted with medium gray.

Further enhancing the contemporary finish, a variety of ash wood veneers are available. In addition to the standard Stratford Burl gloss wood trim, models with Graphite leather are offered with a dark brown Espresso Burl. With Wheat or Saddle Brown upholstery, an even darker Charcoal Burl trim is available.

There is a new leather-wrapped gear shift lever with contrast-stitching, and the steering wheel has also been redesigned, again wrapped and trimmed in the same color-contrast leather as the rest of the interior. Higher-density padding makes leather-trimmed surfaces such as the doors and armrest firmer to the touch to provide an even greater sense of robust quality.

Inclusive luxury: new technologies and greater refinement for all

Designers held a central tenet in mind when designing the interior of the new QX80 – promoting a sense of inclusive luxury. There is an informal, approachable atmosphere, in which all passengers are afforded their own sense of space.

A key element in promoting inclusive luxury is cabin refinement, and the QX80 occupants benefit from class-leading cabin noise at a highway cruise. A range of soundproofing materials enhance refinement, isolating the cabin from outside noise. A wider soundproofing area behind the dashboard panel reduces engine noise, and denser floor carpets and additional soundproofing materials around the cargo area help to absorb high-frequency noises and vibrations from the road. The result is a 5% improvement in the cabin’s articulation index score, which is used to measure the audibility of speech between occupants.

The QX80’s rear entertainment system has also been upgraded. Higher-resolution screens provide the interface for connectivity and entertainment devices. The system also now supports 31 languages, up from three in the outgoing QX80.

The screens in the backs of the front seats have been updated from 7.0 to 8.0 inches in width, offering a higher 960 x 540-pixel resolution (up from 800 x 480). Furthermore, the 16:9-ratio screens (a similar ratio to high-end smartphones and to those required by portable gaming systems) support super-resolution imaging, and Ultra Resolution Technology. The latter enables the screens to convert content into a sharper high-definition picture.

More connected than previously, the second-row rear-seat entertainment system now supports input from the new HDMI auxiliary port, in addition to a USB port. Two further USB ports have added to the rear of the cabin to charge mobile devices. This enables the system to draw upon a wider variety of sources, including portable Blu-ray and DVD players, games consoles, smartphones, tablets, USB memory sticks and video cameras. Both screens are controlled via remote control.

Where the outgoing QX80 offered wireless headphone support, the new model adds to this with aux-in jacks for two rear passengers to listen via headphones.

Each screen can now display individual content – as opposed to both rear screens sharing the same input – meaning second-row passengers can choose what they play or watch independently. 

The cabin of the new QX80 is one of the most luxurious, highest-quality passenger compartment created by INFINITI to date

Further enhancing the contemporary finish, a variety of ash wood gloss veneers are available - Stratford Burl, Espresso Burl and Charcoal Burl

The steering wheel has been redesigned, and is wrapped and trimmed in the same color-contrast leather as the rest of the interior

Passengers in the front also get more comprehensive control of the entertainment system. Front-row passengers can use the Remote Control Lock function – accessed through the dashboard or steering wheel – to lock the rear-seat remote control. In addition, front-seat occupants can turn displays on or off, switch between different inputs remotely, select which audio sources are used, and play or pause content. A new ‘All Mute’ button also enables the driver or front passenger to mute every audio source in the cabin, including headphones.

INFINITI’s InTouch infotainment system has been updated, allowing drivers to personalize driving characteristics and the cabin environment. Adjusted via the 8.0-inch touchscreen, the intuitive system is controlled with multi-touch smartphone controls and voice control, as well as physical buttons beneath the screen and on the steering wheel.

The revised layout of dashboard buttons, and customizability of apps and icons on the touchscreen, make the new QX80’s InTouch system easier to use than ever before. Updates to the navigation system include extended map coverage of countries across Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Latin America and Asia Pacific. The system now also features voice recognition and voice navigation in Arabic.

Paired with the QX80’s smart key, INFINITI’s InTouch system memorizes more than 200 settings for two drivers, including customized settings for navigation, seat positions, audio, safety systems, climate control presets, and configuration of the infotainment system. The car automatically adjusts when it detects each smart key.

The system offers full smartphone connectivity and telematics support, depending on market. This enables owners to control elements of the car remotely, and access a range of other support functions. New features include Remote Engine Start, enabling drivers to start the engine and heat or cool the cabin before getting in; and Remote Horn and Lights, enabling drivers to control the car’s horn and lights via their phone – useful if the driver is unable to remember their car’s location in an airport long-stay parking lot.

Other connectivity and telematics features include breakdown calls; stolen vehicle tracking and theft notifications; curfew alerts (for when parents lend their QX80 to their children); maintenance alerts and vehicle health reports; and route planning with Google Send to Car and operator-assisted destination settings.

More practical than ever, and more closely attuned to customers’ lifestyles

Changes to the interior of the QX80 go beyond aesthetics, material choices, and new technology. INFINITI has enhanced the utility and packaging of the cabin, aligning the QX80 more closely with the needs of customers.

Improvements to storage space and ergonomics give occupants more storage spaces. In the front, the center console now features a larger smartphone storage area, able to accommodate mobile devices up to 73 mm in width, such as the iPhone X, iPhone 8, and Samsung Galaxy S8. The twin cupholders in the front have been reshaped to accommodate two 44oz cups with handles (previously, the QX80’s cupholders could hold one 44oz mug with a handle and a 32oz container). The USB port has also been relocated to the opposite side of the center console, making it easier to access.

The storage area beneath the front passenger armrest has been expanded, with the underside of the lid reshaped to create a 5.4-liter compartment. 240 mm in height, the compartment can now hold up to three upright 1.0-liter bottles. The space is shaped to accommodate tablet devices such as the iPad Air, iPad Air 2 and Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, stood vertically.

All doors feature storage areas for bottles and other items, with the second-row center console on certain models providing further spaces to hold mobile devices and other valuables.

For buyers with an eye for cleanliness, such as parents who may want their car to better stand up to the rigors of family life, the new QX80’s upholstery features a new soil-resistant coating. The new hydrophilic coating is applied to the seats, door trim, center console, instrument panel and rear armrest, and protects surfaces from denim dye transfer, staining and spills. The micro-coating means surfaces can be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth.

There is generous space for front and rear occupants. In the front, passengers enjoy legroom and headroom of up to 1,006 and 1013 mm (39.6 and 39.9 inches), respectively. For second-row passengers, legroom and headroom stands at 1,041 and 1,015 mm (41.0 and 40.0 inches), while third-row passengers get 731 and 935 mm (28.8 and 36.8 inches) leg and headroom.

It is now easier to get in and out of the QX80 – the sill step is 20 mm wider than the earlier model, providing more foot space for ingress and egress. Cargo capacity remains high, with 1,405 liters (49.6 cu ft) when the third row of seats is folded down. This provides sufficient space to store four large suitcases, four golf bags, or a baby-strollers stored lengthways, without impairing rear visibility for the driver. With all three rows of seats in place, the trunk offers 470 liters (16.6 cu ft) of storage capacity, enough to store a pair of full-sized suitcases upright