INFINITI’s design DNA has been scaled up for our largest SUV. The QX80 combines its commanding new presence with powerful muscularity and enhanced horizontal movement. Our designers raised the visual height of our iconic ‘double-arch’ grille and signature headlamps, striking an unrivalled on-road premium tonality.
- Alfonso Albaisa, Senior Vice President, Global Design


  • Bold new interpretation of Powerful Elegance design language
  • Adopts unmistakable INFINITI signature design elements
  • Distinctive new wheel designs and a wide color palette

Powerful Elegance design language reinterpreted on a new scale

With its muscular lines and generous proportions, the new QX80 sees INFINITI’s ‘Powerful Elegance’ design language applied on a new scale. With a forward-looking new appearance, the new QX80 is the ultimate expression of modern luxury SUV design.

At 5,340 mm (208.9 inches) in length, 1,925 mm (75.8 in) tall with roof rails, and 2,030 mm (79.9 in) wide, the new QX80 has a truly commanding on-road presence. Created by INFINITI’s design studio in Atsugi, Japan, the exterior of the new QX80 incorporates geometric and organic shapes to combine power with elegance. As the largest vehicle INFINITI makes, the new model expresses solidity and power from all angles yet eschews the more aggressive styling espoused by rival SUVs. Despite its scale, the design communicates a clear sense of elegance and human artistry.

The smooth, rounded curves of the outgoing model have given way to more modern, angular and sculptural forms and a more upright, athletic stance. The impression given is one of greater height and length, despite the car’s footprint and 3,075 mm (121.1 in) wheelbase remaining unchanged from the previous model.

The new QX80 appears longer, with more clearly defined character lines, and the ‘face’ appears more purposeful, with large, functional fender vents maximizing air delivery to the engine. A thin strip of aluminum beneath the grille emphasizes width, while the grille itself sits more upright. The leading edge of the hood extends 90 mm further forward and sits 20 mm higher, creating a more squared-off, vertical front section and a visibly longer, flatter hood when viewed in profile. The lower section of the bumper is raised, elevating the QX80’s visual center of gravity.

The headlamps wrap around the front corners of the hood and into the wings. As they taper, the lamps lead into a strong, straight shoulder line which runs from the grille all the way to the rear. Paired with upright air vents aft of the front wheel arches, and 20 mm-wider aluminum sill step running between the axles, these geometric lines convey a muscular, almost architectural statement in profile.

Like the rest of the car, the rear exhibits simple, clearly defined details designed to raise the visual center of gravity. With sharper, thinner tail-lamps, straight character lines for bodywork and light units, and a raised lower bumper section, the QX80 appears wider, taller and more athletic than its predecessor. 

The new QX80 - the largest vehicle INFINITI makes - sees its ‘Powerful Elegance’ design language applied on a new scale

Created by INFINITI’s design studio in Atsugi, Japan, the exterior of the new QX80 incorporates geometric and organic shapes to combine power with elegance

The smooth, rounded curves of the outgoing model have given way to more modern, angular and sculptural forms and a more upright, athletic stance

QX80 adopts unmistakable INFINITI signature design elements

The new QX80 inherits the same unmistakable design elements that run through the brand’s full product portfolio, strengthening the design link with the rest of the INFINITI model range. The new model features the latest incarnation of the brand’s ‘human-eye’ headlamps, which employ triple light guide technology to offer maximum lighting and visibility from every angle. Like a telescope with a series of lenses, a series of reflective channels disperse light evenly throughout the long signature LED ‘eyebrow’, and are placed high up the ‘face’ of the car to accentuate the elevated stance. At the rear the slim, sharp combination tail-lamps echo the headlamp shape and also employ LED technology.

The QX80 boasts a new interpretation of INFINITI’s ‘double-arch’ grille and, with a larger area to work with, the company’s designers have made the grille taller and wider. Combined with the more upright front aspect, the effect is to make the car more visually striking.

Another INFINITI signature, the crescent-cut D-pillar lies parallel with the roof line. Like the shoulder line, the elegant design of the D-pillar enhances the horizontal aspect of the QX80’s upper body.

Modern luxury: distinctive new wheel designs and a wider color palette

INFINITI has enhanced craftsmanship, sophistication and modernity with a contemporary color palette and new designs for the 20- and 22-inch aluminum alloy wheels.

The cast 20-inch alloy wheels feature a new six-spoke design, are finished in dark silver paint, and are wrapped in 275/60 R20 H-rated all-season performance tires. The new forged 22-inch wheels are painted in premium ‘liquid metal’ for a high-gloss finish, the 18-spoke design complemented with lower-profile 275/50 R22 all-season performance tires.

The design language of the exterior is accentuated by a revised color palette, offering a range of contemporary finishes. With more visual depth, clearer shine and greater luxury feel, the palette is augmented with three fresh colors – Moonstone White, Mineral Black and Champagne Quartz. Three-quarters of all INFINITI models are sold in shades of white, silver and black, making the modernization of these three paint finishes the principal focus for the brand’s design team.

Moonstone White is a cool, toned pearlescent white inspired by the clean, bright white of ice found at the Earth’s poles, and reminiscent of fine art and design galleries. Mineral Black is a deep, rich metallic shade with rich copper-gold paint flecks, evoking the trace of a meteorite as it travels through space. Champagne Quartz is inspired by the famed cave walls of France’s Champagne region. It uses aluminum-oxide pigments to give the metallic silver paint a warm gold hue when viewed from one direction, and a cooler silver blue from the opposite direction, varying according to different light conditions.