Product Highlights

The QX30 stays true to the design inspiration behind the original concept, exemplifying Infiniti’s design-led approach to product development

The combination of a low-slung roof-line, elevated stance and crossover appearance creates a striking visual impact

Expressive, modern and asymmetric interior design challenges traditional conceptions of cabin space

Advanced spinal support seat design maximises comfort and reduces driver fatigue

Over 750 Infiniti engineers in Japan and Europe were involved in the development and testing of the Q30 and the QX30 in a wide variety of roads and environments

The intelligent all-wheel drive system is able to send up to 50% of the engine’s power and torque to the rear axle when necessary, enhancing a feeling of control and confidence when driving

The QX30 will be among the safest cars in its class due to a range of active safety and hazard avoidance technologies

Suspension and chassis tuned specifically for application in the QX30, offering a flat ride at all speeds with a high level of comfort