Brand Highlights

Alongside the Q30, the QX30 will play an integral role in Infiniti’s promise to offer customers a broader range of premium products

Launch of the QX30 comes at a moment of opportunity for Infiniti and will play a vital role in the brand’s global growth

Infiniti is fulfilling its promise to expand its product portfolio based on popular concept cars, such as the QX30 and the Q30

By the end of October 2015, Infiniti had sold 173,000 vehicles worldwide, marking the 14th consecutive month of improved sales for the brand

The QX30 will be built at new manufacturing facilities in Sunderland, UK, becoming part of Infiniti’s first car production in Europe following a £250m investment

Generations X and Y will represent the majority of buyers in this segment by 2020 and, for them, the car is a means of individual expression

The QX30 will hold a unique position in the segment, bridging the gap between premium compact rivals and larger crossover models

Infiniti is targeting a new generation of premium buyers with the QX30, as the crossover segment is among the fastest growing