A global network of design studios working together

INFINITI is a truly international brand, with design, engineering and production facilities on three continents. As with all of its current production models, for the QX Sport Inspiration the company has been able to draw upon an eclectic mix of cultures and inspirations.

“We have worked hard to develop a creative design network that seeks to capture the imagination of people from around the world. By establishing a culture of exchange between all of our studios, INFINITI is able to design beautiful, expressive and progressive cars.” Alfonso Albaisa, INFINITI Executive Design Director

INFINITI operates a global network of design studios in Japan, the United Kingdom, China and the USA. The company’s design network takes inspiration from every region of the world, with each studio drawing on the characteristics of its respective region and providing a window into the needs and desires of its customers.

INFINITI’s design studio in London, United Kingdom, evaluates and reflects modern European tastes and draws on traditional and modern interpretations of automotive luxury. The Beijing, China, design center tends to be particularly daring in its designs, challenging conventional notions of shape and balance. The INFINITI Design center in San Diego, USA, is situated in the brand’s largest market, providing insights into the lifestyle of the USA’s West Coast and the needs and desires of American car buyers in general. Finally, located in Atsugi, Japan, the company’s central design center provides executive guidance for each of the other studios and shapes highly progressive yet production-realistic designs.