Staying true to INFINITI's Japanese roots

  • Handcrafted interior inspired by a subtle Japanese sensuality
  • Draws on a uniquely Japanese appreciation of nature and technology

The artistic, hand-crafted interior of the QX Inspiration concept – and the choice of materials used – is inspired by a subtle Japanese sensuality. With technology central to its appeal as a lounge-like space, the careful selection of natural materials and soft colors found in the cabin has its roots in a uniquely Japanese appreciation of nature and craftsmanship.

The Bianco Carrara marble center console is a defining feature. While the material itself is European, the stone texture is reminiscent of Japanese artistic sensibilities, fusing technology in the front of the cabin with a more natural, authentic appearance. At the end of the marble table between the two rear seats sits a branch of ‘ume no hana’ plum blossom. This blossom is associated in Japan with the notion of ’omotenashi’ hospitality and welcoming guests into the home. It is typically the first to flower in the spring, as the temperature warms up after winter.

This appreciation of spring is echoed further in the choice of colors that define the cabin’s soft ambient lighting and graphic displays. Flooding the cabin in a calming glow, the lighting takes on one of four colors – ‘wakanae’ (a soft green, like new spring grass); ‘torinoko’ (a pale yellow, and the same shade as a hen’s egg); ’akebono’ (the subtle pinks and reds of a breaking dawn); and ‘shirafuji’ (the soft purple of Japanese wisteria blossom). The subdued tones of the graphic displays and lighting perfectly complement the soft greys, browns and whites of the interior’s upholstery.

The roof – finished in ‘sugi’, Japanese red cedar wood – further ties the cabin of the QX Inspiration to its natural roots. Adhering to the Japanese world-view of ‘wabi-sabi’, that of accepting imperfections, INFINITI’s designers have left the knot and grain of the wood on display, expressing the strength and life of the raw material. Traditional in its design origins, the roof is distinctly modern in its structure and appearance. Beneath, the white suede floor adopts ’kintsugi’ gold inlay between panels, further instilling the car with a degree of Japanese sensuality and craft tradition.