Exterior Design

Electrified exterior design with Japanese DNA

  • Qs Inspiration confirms INFINITI’s electrified form language
  • Redefines traditional sedan proportions with flexible architecture
  • Draws upon principles of Japanese art and modern architecture

The Qs Inspiration illustrates how INFINITI’s new form language will be applied to a forthcoming production sports sedan, with proportions and details hinting directly at the potency and character of INFINITI’s future electrified powertrains.

Inspired by the art and modern architecture of Japan, the car embraces the Japanese spatial concept of 'Ma'. This emphasizes the smooth, muscular spaces between sharp, sheer lines in the bodywork, building anticipation for the electrified performance that lies beneath its clean ‘Liquid White’ exterior. The effect is reminiscent of origami, the Japanese art of folding paper.

At the front, the Qs Inspiration does away with an air intake; there is no need to cool an internal combustion engine. To hint at its performance focus, however, it retains the outline of a grille, with a smooth panel and illuminated INFINITI logo in the center, with channels either side to divert air around the body.

Razor-sharp headlamps feature a technical 'kimono fold' etching – a laser-like pattern inspired by the straight lines that typify modern Japanese architecture. The 'kimono fold' detail also features in the rear lamps, two arrow-straight light units which give the tailgate an aerodynamically 'clean' trailing edge.

Short front and rear overhangs and a cab-neutral silhouette give the car more balanced overall proportions than traditional sedans. However, with a longer cabin than conventional sedans, blacked-out A-pillars visually lengthen the appearance of the Qs Inspiration, shifting the visual center of gravity slightly towards the rear.

Locating the powertrain low down has allowed designers to give the car a powerful, muscular body, enhanced by a sharp, uninterrupted beltline extending from the headlamps to the rear. Bold 22-inch aluminum alloy rims with the ‘kimono fold’ detail etched into the surface are shod in high-performance tires – with tread replicating the same pattern.

The Qs Inspiration features another new signature of INFINITI design: a vermilion line in the C-pillar, highlighted with gold. Inspired by Japanese urushi lacquerware and gold kintsugi ceramics, the two colors combined are often used in painted Japanese artwork to express the power and energy of the sun.

INFINITI Qs Inspiration Exterior