Evolving the Sedan

INFINITI is exploring the idea that a sedan could be something different. Until now, the definition of a sedan has remained very narrow, its very form and layout taken for granted. But electrification represents a revolution for INFINITI, not just in the way our cars are powered, but in the way they are designed. We were encouraged to rethink the sedan, creating something more distinctive and engaging, an iconic new silhouette, as we enter a new era of electrification.
- Alfonso Albaisa, Senior Vice President for Global Design at Nissan Motor Co.

Evolving the sedan for the electrified era

  • Qs Inspiration introduces a distinctive new electrified body style
  • Previews high-performance e-AWD power and an elevated driving position
  • Represents INFINITI’s desire to continually challenge tradition

The INFINITI Qs Inspiration introduces a distinctive new body style for INFINITI, challenging the accepted ‘three-box’ sedan layout. Unshackled from the requirement to accommodate an internal combustion engine as the principal means of propulsion, the physical proportions of the sports sedan can be transformed.

An all-new flexible vehicle architecture, developed specifically for the brand’s evolving portfolio of electrified powertrains, is being introduced by INFINITI for a range of body styles.

The conventional high-capacity engine and requisite drive shafts of a traditional sports sedan are eschewed in favor of a low-mounted battery pack and two powerful electric motors, one on each axle. This permits a short hood and front overhang, which, combined with the raised driving position, result in a more central, ‘cabin-neutral’ silhouette.

The era of vehicle electrification heralds a number of exciting design possibilities, as Alfonso Albaisa, Senior Vice President for Global Design at Nissan Motor Co., explains: “The adoption of electrified vehicle platforms and powertrains gives us freedom to challenge traditional notions of sedan design. Flat battery packaging enables us to redefine the mechanical layout and physical proportions, and shift the visual mass of the bodywork. The beauty of the Qs Inspiration’s sedan body is that it engages the driver and keeps them connected to the road, while providing a sense of control.”

Sedans have been a part of INFINITI’s line-up since the brand’s inception in 1989, with enthusiast drivers drawn to their abundant power and low center of gravity. The Qs Inspiration engages drivers in a similar way. The raised driving position offers a clearer view of the road ahead, without a raised body to compromise dynamics. Furthermore, the low-mounted powertrain and potent e-AWD system is engineered to thrill drivers with instantaneous acceleration and sustained power delivery.

Nicolas Tschann, INFINITI Director, Global Chief Marketing Management, says: “In creating the Qs Inspiration Concept, we wanted to imagine how a true sports sedan would look in the electrified era. The concept’s electrified powertrain gives us the design and engineering freedom to create something engaging and enjoyable to drive, with a low center of gravity, a powerful e-AWD system, and a commanding, elevated driving position. INFINITI is reinventing the ‘traditional’ sports sedan for the future.”

The Qs Inspiration represents INFINITI’s desire to continually challenge tradition and discover ‘the new’. This is familiar territory for a company that launched the FX in 2002, the world’s first sports crossover – and a car which refused to adhere to established ‘two-box’ SUV design trends of the late 1990s.

Alfonso Albaisa adds: “There is no better example of INFINITI’s challenger status than the original FX. In a world of SUVs that formerly respected traditional rules of design, the FX has shocked and surprised with an innovative form unlike anything else. With Qs Inspiration, INFINITI is entering similar territory. It’s neither a traditional sedan, nor a crossover – instead, it represents our desire to challenge accepted norms and find something new in a saturated world.”