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High-Tech Features

High-tech features offer maximum comfort and convenience

  • NVH improved with upgrades to suspension, wheels, and cabin
  • New 13-speaker Bose® audio system fitted to production vehicle for the first time
  • Newly-designed high-back, high-bolster seats provide unrivalled spinal support
  • ‘InTouch’ connectivity features enable remote control of some Q60 functions with a smartphone

Technological innovation facilitates comfort and convenience in the cabin of the Q60 premium sports coupe, providing a refined and contemporary space for driver and passengers alike.

Active Noise Cancellation

INFINITI engineers have worked to minimize Q60’s noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) levels. In particular, NVH has been improved with the adoption of significant suspension insulation and stiffer cross-members, as well as wheel spokes designed to dampen vibrations. Active Noise Cancellation is fitted to all Q60 models, effectively preventing negative engine noise frequencies from disturbing the calm of the cabin.

Bose® Performance Series sound system

Making its world debut in a production vehicle, the Q60 will be available with an all-new 13-speaker, Bose® Performance Series sound system, an optional audio setup which has been tailored to the acoustics of the Q60’s cabin. Featuring an all-new system architecture and high-performance components, the fully-immersive Bose audio system transforms the cabin into the driver’s very own audio haven. The system’s interface and speakers feature the latest ‘industrial’ design that characterizes Bose Performance Series audio systems, lending an even more distinctive, high quality look and feel to the cabin.

Further in-depth information on the Bose® Performance Series sound system is available here.

Newly-designed seats

INFINITI’s desire to offer drivers a totally in-control driving experience extends to the Q60’s newly-designed high-back, high-bolster seats. INFINITI’s development teams found that many car seats, regardless of vehicle sector, force occupants’ spines into a ‘C’ shape and offer very little shoulder support, placing up to 40 per cent more load on the spine compared to a standing position.

INFINITI’s hallmark ‘spinal support’ seats have been carefully engineered for the Q60 to match the curvature of the spine, providing a consistent level of support and minimizing pressure on lower and upper back muscles. The supportive seats reduce the spinal curvature that many traditional seats force occupants to adopt, with a more even alignment between chest and pelvis. Extensive upper body support spreads the occupant’s weight more evenly all the way up the chair.


The Q60 is equipped as standard with INFINITI’s InTouch advanced infotainment setup. Now upgraded with a faster processor, InTouch allows occupants to personalize the interior environment of the Q60 according to their preferences, and can store profiles for multiple drivers, identified by their I-key (intelligent key).

InTouch is able to memorize more than 200 settings that the individual can program themselves. These include engine, suspension, and steering modes, driving seat positions, audio, and navigation settings; display settings, and heating and ventilation preferences.

Telematic Control Unit

In certain markets, the INFINITI Q60 is equipped with a new Telematic Control Unit (TCU) which allows the owner to control elements of their car remotely via their smartphone for greater security and convenience.

Once connected to the user’s smartphone, the new TCU opens up a series of features for Q60 buyers, accessed through the InTouch Services smartphone app. These include: remote engine start; car locator; and stolen vehicle tracking.

The technology enables owners to access a Vehicle Health Report, providing a monthly overview of the car’s status regarding ABS, airbags, brakes, engine, oil pressure, and tire pressure. InTouch then alerts the driver if any action or servicing is required.

Additional drivetrain technology connects car to road

  • Seven-speed automatic transmission enables responsive, direct acceleration
  • Adaptive Shift Control enhances gear selection according to road conditions
  • Intelligent All-Wheel Drive redistributes power if more traction is needed

Adaptive Shift Control (ASC)

The Q60’s seven-speed automatic transmission has been engineered with gear ratios spaced to allow for responsive, direct acceleration. Adaptive Shift Control (ASC) uses a lateral acceleration sensor to detect topographical changes in the road, such as hills or corners, and enhances gear-select patterns according to the changing conditions. ASC also allows the transmission to observe driving behaviors and adapt shifts to driver feedback.

In Sport mode, the Q60 selects a more aggressive shift pattern, holding on to gears longer to tap in to the engine’s maximum performance reserves at higher revolutions. In all instances, the automatic transmission shifts smoothly, with less performance-focused modes giving the car an even more relaxed gait for everyday conditions.

Intelligent All-Wheel Drive (AWD)

The Intelligent All-Wheel Drive (AWD) system provides enhanced stability for greater road holding in low-grip situations, distributing torque 50:50 between front and rear wheels in its default setting. If the car detects that the extra traction isn’t immediately required, the system can divert up to 100 per cent to the rear-wheels, redistributing power to each of the four wheels as conditions change or if it detects a momentary loss of traction.

Compared to its predecessor, a combination of wider wheels and tires not only adds to the new Q60’s attention-grabbing design, but also improves vehicle handling.