Interior Design

A tailored approach for a driver-centric interior

  • ‘Driver-centric, passenger-minded’ ethos for advanced cabin architecture
  • All-new interior trims feature high-end accents and bold choice of materials

Cabin artistry for INFINITI is about a fitted, personal approach. We modelled the Q60’s interior around the concept of a ‘driver’s glove’ – the driver is always comfortable and the cabin is tailored for them.” Alfonso Albaisa, INFINITI Executive Design Director

Sophisticated craftsmanship characterizes the spacious and beautifully appointed interiors across the INFINITI range, following the brand’s ‘driver-centric, passenger-minded’ approach to advanced cabin architecture. INFINITI designers have used this architecture to give each occupant their own clearly defined space within the passenger compartment.

In the front of the cabin, the Q60’s design emphasizes the dashboard’s focus on the driver, with the center console housing twin touchscreens (8-inch upper and 7-inch lower) as part of the InTouch central control system – the latest generation of the company’s infotainment technology. The touchscreen capabilities of both screens mean INFINITI’s design teams have been able to minimize the number of buttons in the cabin, for a neat, uncluttered appearance.

The interior trim of the Q60 includes high-end accents and bold, modern-looking materials. Premium models are available in white leather with a glass fiber accent. Darker interior colors are matched with black wood, aluminum or a violet carbon-fiber accent. Sport models are available in red leather with a glass fiber accent.

The cabin of the Q60 has been packaged to offer comfortable space for all passengers, in spite of its sports coupe shape. Its 2,850 mm (112.2 in) wheelbase enables legroom of up to 1,095 mm (43.1 in) for front passengers and 823 mm (35.1 in) for both rear passengers. The Q60’s 1,850 mm-wide (72.8 in) body (without mirrors) is sufficient to give all passengers plenty of shoulder and hip space.

Shoulder room is 1,387 mm (54.6 in) for front passengers and 1,321 mm (52 in) for those in the rear, while hip room is 1,369 mm (53.9 in) and 1,217 mm (47.9 in), respectively. Irrespective of its sloping coupe roofline, the Q60 offers generous headroom for all passengers – 963 mm (37.9 in) in the front (without Moonroof) and 876 mm (34.5 in) in the back. The Q60 offers 342 liters (12.1 cubic feet) of cargo space.