Brand Highlights

The Infiniti Q30 launch comes at a moment of significant opportunity for the brand and is a vital part of Infiniti’s plans for global growth. It’s part of an intense product launch period, with more to follow.

Infiniti sold more than 154,600 units sold globally 2015 September YTD (+16%), the brand’s best ever results. Q30 is well placed to help Infiniti carry forward this momentum.

Q30 will be Infiniti’s first ever vehicle built in Europe, at newly-upgraded production facilities in the United Kingdom.

Q30 is the beginning of Infiniti’s push to expand and refresh its product line-up, and it’s integral to Infiniti’s commitment to offering a broader range of premium products to potential customers in new segments.

Infiniti has dared to be bold and ambitious with Q30 – the brand is new to the segment and the car has no predecessor.

With Q30, Infiniti will attract a new generation of premium buyers, who will appreciate the opportunity to personalise Q30 as a means of individual expression.

Combining unique height and dimensions with coupe-like proportions, Q30 defies categorisation with its ‘ready to go anywhere’ attitude.

Remaining faithful to the 2013 concept car, Q30 takes a design-led approach that forges a unique path.