New ProPILOT autonomous technologies liberate drivers from mundane and stressful driving situations

The INFINITI Q Inspiration reveals the next stage of development for the brand’s ProPILOT autonomous drive technologies. The new, near-future technologies previewed here seek to both empower and liberate drivers.
- François Bancon, Vice President, Product and Programs

Q Inspiration previews INFINITI’s near-future autonomous drive technologies

ProPILOT is the umbrella term under which all future INFINITI autonomous drive support technologies will be based. Drawing on inputs from radar and camera to read the road ahead and monitor the position of other vehicles, the system allows the driver and car to react accordingly.

Central to INFINITI’s strategy for developing ProPILOT is a commitment to allow drivers to retain ultimate control over their vehicle, in keeping with INFINITI’s focus on driver engagement. The Q Inspiration’s ProPILOT autonomous drive technologies support drivers in identifying and responding to other road users and potential hazards. Acting as a ‘co-pilot’, these autonomous drive technologies enhance drivers’ capabilities and enable them to delegate more onerous driving tasks to the car.

When the driver does not require the individual performance and engagement afforded to them by their INFINITI, ProPILOT frees them from mundane or stressful driving situations. ProPILOT empowers drivers with ‘end-to-end’ autonomous driving, providing autonomous multi-lane highway driving and intersection auto-navigation functionalities. These near-future technologies work alongside existing ProPILOT Assist technologies, such as the capability to navigate stop-start highway traffic, and monitor the positions of surrounding vehicles. ProPILOT helps drivers complete their journeys more safely and more efficiently.